Who is that masked man (woman, both, neither…)?

If newly issued Government guidance is to be followed it may well be you and everyone around you.


In light of this guidance the Club is reintroducing some of the earlier  rules namely:

  • If you have a smartphone, please use the NHS app to scan the QR code poster in the club, if not then please advise staff of your name and telephone number.
  • We would ask that all those entering the club premises wear a mask unless seated at a table.

The staff will continue to be tested on the days that they are working.

Also, however inclement the weather is on Xmas Eve no one will be allowed to stay in the Club room during the Carols. We may be able to allow people in to the Bar area for service through a one-way system and if so we will ensure that there is a barrier to prevent further entry into the clubroom.

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