Water Ski advisory

Dear skiers . I hope this post doesn’t apply to you or your boating crews! We have had a number of complaints about some boats in the ski area. PHC and the Club patrol boat are now out more often so please take a moment to refresh yourselves of the ski maps and rules.
We recieved this email “I noticed that Gentle Jane is clearly marked as a private beach on your water skiers map. A family on Tuesday June 7th, were dropped off on our beach and some of the people went off and water skied. They were in a rib. They returned and picked up some more people and went off water skiing. Please can you remind your members that this is a private beach.” Another  email raised concerns, An owner was affected by some water skiers, despite there being buoys to protect him and his Shrimper. He was thrown down in his rowing boat while rowing out to his Shrimper. A water skier came too close to his boat, causing a lot of swell. This could have been a very dangerous situation . Luckily he was able to get up, despite being winded.”  As you all know we have to display ski numbers and boats not showing numbers will be reported. In the eyes of the club rules, no numbers means no rules and no clue what the other boats are doing. Feel free to point out to any boats skiing without numbers that they are risking all of us being stopped from skiing. Keep it safe and polite. Have fun and don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

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