The Ukraine and Dave Hall (5 words you don’t normally see together).

To all you who may show interest, in helping oppressed people in what appears to be terrible unprovoked one sided conflict.   
I am aware that Putin’s gamble, in a historical context, could, at a stretch, be partially understood due Russia’s paranoia with regard to their geographically unprotected western regions, especially after their extremely ‘close shaves’ with Napoleon and, of course more recently, Hitler.
My name is David Hall and I am a Rock resident and an active member of our community, also a Rock Sailing Club and St Enedoc Golf Club member here in our ‘slice of heaven’.I am a well travelled 1946 baby ( ex BA Boeing 747 Captain and experienced international Classic Car rally competitor, along with my wife Jacky) and have had the joy of spending significant (ie non holiday) periods of time in ~ three quarters of the countries on our planet.
I have an abundance of curiosity and also a keen awareness of our history, so when my sources tell me that groups on both sides are becoming extremely rich by abusing charitable donations given by truly caring people, I decided that any donations that anyone put my way, would be targeted to people /organisations that I was very familiar with.
My wonderful contact is my 21 year old Godson, Fynn Watt, who is out there doing great things with massive energy and commitment, with a wonderful group of mates who have interrupted their studies / careers for, what they fervently believe is – ‘ the right thing to do! He directly controls and logs every penny – for ZERO personal reward.
 Hence the reason and desire to travel to that region, departing next week for ~ a fortnight.
 Apart from bombarding everyone I see with kindness and enthusiastic optimism I intend to help in any reasonable way I can with any plausible task I am requested to perform.
I have been in my Gym daily, for a few weeks in order to prepare my ‘mature’ body for a fairly rigorous fortnight.
Wish me luck.
DavidFor giving: HTTPS://
OR – if all that seems too complicated – send any donations to yours truly, who will guarantee it’s destination.
Acc 27559032
Sort 11 91 09

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