Sunday lunches and caption competition

There were 40 for lunch at the club yesterday – that was really good. The downside was that because not all had booked by the cut off time of 11 a.m. on Saturday the galley couldn’t order extra meat to cater for even more wishing to attend, so some were disappointed.

You can always ring or email to book, but if it is after the cut-off time you may miss out.

Sermon over.

Now thanks to Kevin Lawton we have a new photo deserving of a caption competition. The prize for the best caption (chosen by me so disagree at your peril) will enjoy the fame of being listed in a future post, together with other entries.

Kevin (who can’t win as he supplied the photo) has already suggested ‘Not the best mooring in the Estuary!’ and ‘Should have paid my harbour dues on time’, so those are already taken.

Something to do with Noah maybe? Click the photo or email

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