Ski News – July

July Ski News

Summer has arrived, the moorings are full and the estuary is a hive of activity.

The light winds have favoured some good water but we could do with less north westerlies for the best conditions. Those who have ventured out at lower tides will have noticed that the sandbanks have changed considerably since last year and now cut off some routes across the estuary and made some channels and turning points narrower. It goes without saying, its better to go with an incoming tide if venturing out at mid tide or lower until you have worked out the pattern of the sandbanks. Unless of course you are prepared for a long wait.

Please remember to display this year’s blue bordered numbers clearly on your boat or you may be approached by a Club or PHC patrol boat to ask where they are. We would also ask you not to forget to remove ski numbers from previous years. Thank you.

Those of you who have been out in the Ski area in the last few days will be aware that a new wooden raft is in place at Cant. This replaces the old plastic raft. We have gone back to the old tried and tested design and it should last many years. The only problem we have found is that the steps can get slippery so please take care. We are hoping to find some better anti fouling to use.

Note that contrary to the PHC map on the slipway wall, take off from the raft at Cant is downstream and return from upstream, which keeps it in line with the required basic anti clockwise circuits. PHC is aware of this and will change it to comply with the instructions on the map in your booklet, when a new wall map is produced.

All three rafts now have marker lights as requested by PHC and weight plates showing the maximum number of people and kit allowed. We would ask you to take care not to damage the lights when moving equipment. Should they be accidentally broken please report this to the Club as they need to be replaced.

Don’t forget the Junior Shield and Fly Navy Cup competitions are being held this year on Saturday 24th August leaving the quay at 9.30 a.m. Registration is between 8.45 and 9.15 a.m. at the Club. The junior event will be held first followed by the adult competition. It will depend on how many competitors there are how long it will take so bring a drink, snack and jumper and be prepared for an enjoyable morning.

For your interest -some Rock skiers and officials plus supports were at    You may spot some faces from the Club.


With everyone’s support, consideration and common sense we look forward to another successful and incident free high season on the estuary.



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