Sailing at Rock – an update

We hope you are all managing to keep safe and relatively sane. This note is to provide an update on what is happening in Rock (or not happening!) and a view of the future.

The restrictions are being lifted incrementally and some casual sailing has resumed on the Camel.

The restrictions make it too difficult to hold large meetings or open regattas at the moment. The key issues are;
Visitors not being allowed to stay overnight,
Group meetings limited to 6 households,
Social distancing of 2m, and the need to clean and sterilise equipment used by multiple people.

There are lots of ideas about how to hold briefings, launching and retrieving boats, avoiding congestion on the water and onshore, use of rescue boats and Andromeda, cleaning of kit, use of masks, staggered starts, tracking by GPS etc. Some of it is workable and some bits more awkward.

It is important that an organisation like the Club follows the rules and we are receiving advice from the RYA and are liaising with PHC about how to be compliant within the restrictions.  

As we know, all events in the sailing calendar have had to be cancelled so far, and the immediate focus is on the possibilities for JCW  and CW.  These regattas and subsequent events remain at risk but we optimistically hope for some helpful changes that enable these events to go ahead.

The Clubhouse is currently closed however the refurbishment works are well underway and hopefully food, drinks and the loos shall soon be available in some limited form.

It is quite possible that sailing and racing will have to adapt to different constraints in the future and may not be exactly the same as before.

We are watching the preparations for Cowes week and Falmouth week with obvious interest, and If you have any further thoughts or info from other clubs then please chip in.
Hope to see you all on the water in the near future.

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