Race Officers and assistants for the 2019 season

Hi everyone.

Once again thank you to all of you who volunteered to Race Officer (RO ) during last season.

No doubt you will by now have seen the sailing programme for 2019.

This year we are aiming to get the race calendar populated before the season’s RO requirements commences.

For 2019 season the club is going to provide RO cover for July and August.

The races for which we will need volunteers are the Weekend races and the combined Dinghy/Shrimper races.

Mid-week races out of the main season were expected to be Shrimper races only, requiring one rescue boat to set and retrieve marks. Starts and finishes will be self controlled by the shrimper fleet.

Many sailing clubs throughout the land “roster” their sailing members at the beginning of the season. RSWSC doesn’t enjoy the same demographic as many other clubs, in that the majority of our sailing members visit throughout July and August. However it will necessarily fall in the main to local members to do RO duties in the shoulder months, ie April/May/June/September/October.

Average points will be awarded in lieu of the race for which a Duty is undertaken .

The preference is not to roster however, as this invariably results in changes.

Volunteer by 17th April and you will not be included in the rostering.

Naturally we would prefer volunteers!

 In the run up to the start of the season we intend to allocate an RO Duty(s) after 1st May. This should result in no more than 1 duty per person.

Once allocated if a member finds he/she is unable to do the duty then they must arrange a swap. The RO will be responsible for identifying ARO(s) as required, I have a limited list of members who have done ARO duties, please contact me if necessary.

If you have volunteered to RO or ARO a regatta (shown in black on the programme and other than the Spring Cup) then you will not be including you in the rostering.

 In advance of rostering names, if you have not volunteered, if you know of any particular weekend you will definitely be unavailable please let me know (no later than17th April) and we will find an alternative.

In addition if you are an up country visiting member who does not want to be included in the rostering arrangement then do please let me know (no later than 17th April).

Many thanks.

John Wade

For the Sailing Committee 


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