Padstow Harbour Commissioners

Jonathan ‘Jinx’ Hewitt with his father Mike and son Ollie

For those of you locals who don’t already know, the elections for this year’s intake of Padstow Harbour Commissioners will take place THIS SATURDAY 10th MARCH at the ROCK INSTITUTE between 0900 at 1200. Voting is open to all who are on the Electoral Role for St Minver Lowlands and Highlands..

One of the candidates from the Rock side is Jonathan (Jinx) Hewitt of Rock Marine Services. Jinx is not only a club member but supports the club both practically and financially in many ways through his generosity in terms of looking after Andromeda and the other boats, Club pontoon etc. sometimes at nominal charge, but more often than not, at no charge.He has asked for our support, and attached  here is his letter to the Commodore.

Previously Jinx has has represented Rock on the Board of Commissioners and during those times has acted in the best interests of Rock Sailing Club. As an acting commissioner there have been times, mainly during Sailing Regattas where difficulties had developed in relationships between RSWSC and Padstow Harbour. In such discussions he always spoke up in support of the Club and sailing. He has 3 children who are keen sailors and regular users of the Estuary..

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