Older Shrimper and regatta racing images wanted

Before 2014 (?) many of the website images were held offsite in personal image accounts like DropBox, and (anyone remember) Google Picasa? Regrettably most of these accounts have since been closed, or moved who knows where so the links no linger work.

In an attempt to rebuild the information, we are trying to assemble an online archive of any images relevant to the club and its history so there is a visual history for members to refer to in future. 

At the risk of being deluged with tens of thousands of disparate images to sort through, we decided to start with pre 2014 club sailing regattas, Camel Week, Junior CW, and Shrimper Week. If that works well we’ll be back asking for more. If you have any that fall into this category then you could email them to hongensec@rswsc.co.uk, send a DropBox or similar link, or maybe use a file transfer service like https://wetransfer.com/.

While we are starting out with sailing, please don’t discard any others you might come across if you think they would be of interest. In the end we’ll try to look at everything. The intention is to have a section of the club website devoted to this, so if you have anything other than images which could add to the flavour just let us know.

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