Membership renewals – discount period about to expire

The annual membership renewals process started recently, and many have already committed for 2021 – thank you all. Hopefully things will be returning to something approaching to normal by the time the season begins.

If you haven’t renewed yet there are three things to note:

  • Please do.
  • Your smart new bright yellow membership card which entitles you to members’ discounted prices at the bar and galley, will automatically renew when you renew your subscription. That’s another way of saying if you don’t, it won’t…
  • As will no doubt tell you, discounted subscriptions only apply to renewal fees received before 31st January 2021. Don’t miss this once in January 2021 offer. Children who have reached the age of 18 by 1/1/2021 (and who therefore are no longer children) must join as 18-25 single members.
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