Meanwhile, for Christmas lunches 2021…

Oops, earlier post said 2022. Maths never was my strong point.


To spread the yuletide cheer as widely as possible, we will again be holding a lunch with a Christmas themed menu on each of the three Sundays in December 2021– 5th, 12th, and 19th.

In order that as many members as possible have the opportunity to attend, in the first instance bookings will be taken for only one Sunday per member. If any spaces remain unbooked by each preceding Friday the spare places will become available to all.

All bookings must be made by email to  or by phone on 01208862709. 

There will be limitations on numbers – 40 per sitting and 8 per table maximum (though more are possible, please ask), and everyone needs to be seated by 1300 hrs as it will be table service only. Lots to remember (including what year it is)… Enjoy.

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