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Autumn Ski News 2019

The summer season 2019 has come and gone with boats now steadily disappearing from the moorings and the estuary less busy. However for those lucky enough to live locally or able to visit in the autumn there is some great skiing still to be had – winds permitting of course.

The ski equipment has been well used and thanks to those who have reported any damage that has occurred. Just a reminder-when signing out equipment , if you come to the bottom of the sheet,there are usually new sheets in a plastic wallet underneath . All you have to do is clip a new sheet on top .

This year the Fly Navy competitions were held in unusually sunny warm conditions which were appreciated by all those who took part or helped to make everything run smoothly.  The Juniors all showed impressive skiing skills and the Junior Shield was closely fought with Max Corben retaining the shield, with the benefit of the points allowed for age, beating his older sister, who had the fastest time, into second place.

The Fly Navy Cup was held with a slight change to the set up. The route stayed the same for all ‘legs’ but the starting point change for the second skier. This reduced the changeover time without affecting safety. With skiers and drivers alert to the new changes, all went smoothly.  As always we welcome new participants who have the same chance as everyone else to win. However, obviously the more years the course is run, the more practice the drivers get in driving the course to the advantage of the skier. Also the team skiers crewing in the boat get used to watching the skier in action closely to know when to tell the driver to slow down and speed up. Hence the often familiar names in the winning teams but it is not a foregone conclusion! In addition to the trio of new skiers who won the competition last year, two new skiers were indeed in the winning team this year- well done James and Emily! Why not start planning your teams for next year?

The number of expert skiers and especially wakeboarders has become more evident each year and watching the style and skills always increases the desire to improve. It is a great sport and can be enjoyed at many levels. Skiing on the estuary is so different from lake skiing with the number of boats on the water at the same time and water that can often be described as challenging with many boat washes.

Thank you to those drivers who have used their knowledge of the estuary and estuary rules, driving skills and common sense to provide a safe environment for all skiers this season.



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