for all RSWSC Members

There will be some changes in the short term in our methods of communicating with our members and blog followers.

Typically the website blog is used to communicate general Club news to anyone, member or not, who wishes to sign up for it. The recent troubled times however mean that routine club business information (AGM notices etc.) which are usually put on the Club notice board now won’t be seen. The office, along with the rest of the Club remains closed, so photocopying, mass mailing etc. are largely unavailable.

In addition the blog has also been used in the last couple of weeks for sending out amusing (OK maybe not so to everyone, granted) bits and pieces, and was intended to lighten the present miserable situation a bit. Feel free to unsubscribe, the posts are all available on the club website here so can be looked at selectively if wished.

Meanwhile the Club still needs to be able to contact just the members, so all available members’ email addresses have now been added to a separate mailing list. However anti-spam rules mean all those on it need to confirm it’s acceptable for the Club to send them email on this list, hence the recent request with the subject: Request for confirmation of subscription to the mailing list. Please accept the invitation to join the new list. When we have a reasonable number on this list I will use it for Club matters, and keep the blog open to those who wish to use it. Anyone who don’t wish to use it, doesn’t have to.

Keep safe…

Richard West

Hon Gen Sec

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