Dayboat Nationals rescue boat volunteers wanted

The classic Dayboat Nationals will be held at Rock from 22-27 June.

The club will be using Andromeda as Committee Boat which will be fully crewed by our volunteers, but do need 4 safety boaters to run 2 ribs for each race. We have one driver for each day, but need one more driver each day plus 2 crew, one crew in each boat. Drivers need Powerboat Level 2 plus Safety Boat qualifications, but for crew if you are at least 16 years old, generally competent in a boat and would like to be involved close up on one or more days please email the Club Manager. Just a day or two each would help enormously.

And it’s a couple of  hours out on the water using someone else’s boat and fuel, what’s not to like?

Registration is on Saturday 22 June with the races scheduled as below.

23-Jun Sun High Tide 09:54 5.9m  – 09:30 Dayboats Race 1
24-Jun Mon High Tide 10:42 5.7m  – 10:00 Dayboats Race 2 & 3
25-Jun Tue High Tide 11:36 5.5m  – 10:30 Dayboats Race 4
26-Jun Wed High Tide 12:36 5.5m  – 11:00 Dayboats Long Race
27-Jun Thu High Tide 13:36 5.5m  – 11:30 Dayboats Race 5

The Dayboats, perhaps up to 30 of them, will all be on moorings so they will also need ferrying to and from their boats. Our safety boats would be used to ferry them out to their moorings so would need to arrive about 45-60 minutes before race start times. This would be very much appreciated. Likewise there would be the return journey after racing is over (maybe 2 hours later).

Again would  any volunteers email the Club Manager so we can set up a rota?


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