David Hall and the Ukraine – an update

WOW – what a response from all you lovely people.

You have all been so generous with your interest and giving.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of our caring community.

 Fynn and his small gang of indefatigable helpers are completely bowled over by your generosity and it has also done wonders for my ‘cred’ in that I have influenced so many people who are so actively aware of some of the problems being faced out here.

Our trip could not have come at a better time, as people, in general, seem to have a fairly short period of ‘shock awareness’ , so my initial announcement of intent was designed to rekindle awareness of this (initially) highly publicised horror story, which inevitably drifts into the background with the dramatic effect of new, really life changing news (?) – like Boris’s exit.

However, as virtually the only European leader to actively support the Ukraine – there is ’word about’ in these parts that he is likely to be honoured with citizenship here, with the title of honorary General.

 The fact that my fellow driver, Stuart Rolt (who is even younger than yours truly – we have a modest combined age of 150) and myself have made the effort to come out here posing as young backpackers, sleeping in conditions that would raise your eyebrows more than somewhat, and driving an old UK reg Transit van unseemly distances (on the wrong side of the road !) through countries various, has, we hope, given this wonderful young, financially impoverished group of people a real ‘lift’ at a time when their adrenaline is just beginning to dry up !

Fynn and his gang crave fulfilment, not recognition or adulation, but after several months, world interest begins to wane.

They are now beginning to feel a young idealist’s notion of disillusionment that people, although initially shocked and outraged, have a relatively short interest span, especially when such momentous new events are happening in the UK.

We are about to choose a new leader —- and in a heatwave.

Truly mind blowing stuff.

Practical matters :

We flew out Ryanair on Sunday. A first for me.     We could not ascertain the location of the first class lounge.     A different but efficient operation.

Took our Transit van to our extremely modest (!!!!) HQ in Przemysl (a few miles from the Ukraine border).   This took ~ 3 hrs on very good Polish roads.    The country looks prosperous.

Supper at the only Petrol station in town.

Slept in someone’s (?) small flat – 1 room/1 mattress/1 sofa

Yesterday drove 9 hrs through Poland/Czech/Austria to Vienna. 

Now in a Hotel (self funded) – as we needed some sleep.

Collecting Medical shipment this evening and depart 4am for Lviv (Ukraine).

Why so early ?

Could take us 14 hrs and we must not drive in the dark in Ukraine.

Invisible pot holes in road, where, having ripped off one’s front suspension, one could drown apparently !

Stay somewhere in Lviv (?) and await further ‘orders’.

Thanks again to you all.

I risk boring you on return at end of month; so dive into a hedge if you see me coming.

Very best wishes


For giving: HTTPS://WWW.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Fynn.Ukraine-project
OR – if all that seems too complicated – send any donations to yours truly, who will guarantee it’s destination.
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