CRUK Walk over Cancer

You may be aware that the Club has 3 nominated Charities – RNLI, CEYS, and CRUK.

An email from one of our members landed in our inbox today. You may find it of interest:

Good Morning

Fifty two years ago I developed bone cancer whilst flying with the Army Air Corps in Northern Ireland and I was off the road for 18 months either in hospital, RAF Headley Court or on sick leave.  The treatment I received in those days was pretty basic and I was very lucky to be allowed back to active duty as a pilot, albeit with an ankle joint removed.  Recently the Cancer Research UK (CRUC) advertised a Walk-all-over-Cancer appeal where individuals could be sponsored to walk 10,000 steps a day for the whole of March in aid of further research.

When I first approached CRUK to volunteer for this task they said I should post my details on ‘social media’.  Not being an aficionado of the Interweb I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or similar account so I’m afraid you will have to accept this email instead.  Well, I have started and I am up to schedule so far with a total of 190,526+ steps in the first two weeks and some of you may have already seen me on the golf course, or around it, with Delli, our Black Labrador.  The reasons I signed up to do this daily task for a whole month can be see on my CRUK page at: 

I (and CRUC) would be delighted for you to forward this email onto anyone you might think would be interested in this particular cause.  

Many thanks,  Kevin Lawton

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