Covid-19 – an alternative view – 10

On the subject of sex (and lets face it, it’s either that or Scrabble at the moment) you should be aware that you can now get sex insurance in the UK so make sure you get correct insurance for the sex you are having . Please find a list of companies below catering for most tastes:

Sex with your wife – legal and general.
Sex on the telephone – direct line.
Sex with your partner -standard life .
Sex with someone different – go compare.
Sex with a lady of generous proportions -more than.
Sex on the back seat of a car – Sheila’s wheels.
Sex with a prostitute – commercial Union .
Sex with your maid -employers liability.
Sex with an oap – saga .
Sex resulting in pregnancy – general accident .
Sex with animals – National Farmers Union.
Sex with a monk- Abbey Life
Sex with Navy Officers- Admiral Group.

Sex with a transvestite – confused. Com

Make sure you are adequately covered!! 

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