Commodore’s Newsletter

RSWSC Commodore’s newsletter – May 2018

Since my last letter, the work has been carried out on the floor, with Cornwall Floor Care carrying out a superb job in sanding the Clubroom floor back to bare and oiling it. It was a much bigger job than they (or we) had anticipated, but was completed within the time frame we had allowed. We closed for one Friday night Fish night and one Sunday carvery, but other than that the disruption was minimal.

The super new ‘Postura Plus’ chairs were ordered and delivered in time to be carried up to the Clubroom having been stored upon delivery in the Crew room. (I engaged my Scout Group to do the shifting of chairs!) Fortunately, Dave Parr managed to sell the old chairs and they were collected before the refurbishment works were completed.

The new table cloths completed the ‘new look’ with 50 metres of the laminated fabric being cut up to size in time for the re-opening Fish night. With all tables accounted for, we ended up with just a foot of cloth over!

These three improvements have received much praise from Members, both those locally and from those visiting at Easter. The removal of the carpet at the bar has made the appearance of the room larger, and smart signs on the front of the bar remind people that under 14 year olds are not permitted at the bar. Parents of children will need to reinforce this, but there seems no need for brass strips, demarcation lines, and a ‘rite of passage’ to stand in a certain place.

Painting works to windows and doors continues, and Richard Smith (Smudge) and Chris have, at my request repainted the spiral stairwell walls and the entrance foyer areas of both the ground and first floors. These areas by nature of their high traffic, take the brunt of knocks and scuffs, and both Smudge and Chris have agreed to carry out some similar internal painting works going forward. Refreshing the second floor corridor will be next, and we will look at smartening up the cabins perhaps in the winter.

Both till screens in the Bar and Galley have been replaced, as the old ones had been repaired and were limping having given at least ten years’ service. The new tills, although appearing virtually the same as the last, have the latest version of the till software. We are planning to introduce a membership card to all members, next January.

Cardholders would be able, if they wish, to load their card with money. This may be convenient for many, and for example when on the water – one would ONLY need to carry the Club Member card, not a wallet! Those not wishing to ‘load’ their card need not do so, but will need to present it at point of sale in order to reduce the till price to Member prices.

Details of the initiation of this will be made very clear nearer the time and publicised, with the cards being available following payment of membership next year.

Our much loved Member’s Handbook was brought back due to popular demand. If you have not collected your copy yet, they are available at the bar. My sincere thanks to Gina Snelling, Kim Oakes, Gus Guest and most of all Richard West all of whom have worked to compile the information and get the book to the finished stage. I can’t take any credit at all, apart from the sunrise photo on the cover! If your information is incorrect, we apologise, but urge you to provide us with the correct information for future publication.

We have moved the ‘signing in’ book to the bar area by the notice boards so may I remind all members that it is your responsibility to sign your guests in. Club Staff should NOT be put into the position where they have to ask people to do so, but as we are a member’s club it is a condition of the law and is specific in our licence that visitors must be signed in. The book is now positioned to make signing in easier for all.

Works have been completed to the upstream side floating pontoon by Rock Marine Services, which was in a poor state of repair. A full overhaul has also been completed to Andromeda, which is now in very good condition for the coming season.

I am pleased to say that the Bar and Galley continue to be extremely well supported on Fridays and Sundays, with an increased social gathering for drinks at 6pm on Saturdays welcoming all. The Club opened at Half Term and Easter holidays, although the numbers through the galley were a little disappointing, despite opening hours being publicised.

The range of RSWSC goods on offer in Bosun’s Locker has increased again, and we now have some really beautiful new china mugs, tea towels and even thermal cups, as well as a wide range of sweatshirts, hoodies and bobble hats. Do have a look when you are in the Club room – I’m sure you will be tempted!

Sailing took place over Easter with a good deal of activity especially for the Easter Chase. Our stock of Club sailing boats is to be reviewed, with some being sold, and some more suitable boats to replace them, with a particular priority of getting more young people on the water.  Water-skiers have also started braving the water. All of those spotted so far on the water have been displaying their new numbers. If you haven’t yet collected or displayed yours, please remember to do so. Richard Mattos our Vice Commodore Water-skiing has purchased some new and some good second-hand bindings to update some of the equipment in the Crew Room. The Club has also been kindly donated some more ski equipment by Dave Webb, for which we are grateful, and I am sure will be put to good use. Hopefully, this is an indication of a good summer and busy times ahead.

Please remember that the AGM will take place at the Club on Saturday 18th August, so by 20th July a notice will be posted on the Club notice board calling for nominations for candidates for the offices comprising the Management Committee and for the members of the operational committees. Each to be nominated by at least two voting members of the Club, such nominations to be with Richard West, Hon. Gen. Secretary by 8th August at the latest. Richard will be away just before that, so I respectfully ask that information might be with him by the end of June to make his life easier.

There are so many other matters which happen and are dealt with on a daily basis by staff and volunteers which we try not to trouble you with, such as our ongoing battle with drains and sewerage. I never imagined I’d have so many conversations and correspondence about waste water pumping systems!

One thing to finish which, I’m afraid, astounds and disappoints me. Whilst the huge majority of us pay our Club membership properly and then enjoy the facilities with a clear conscience, careful analysis of the Membership has indicated to me that a small number of people are not doing so. A small number think they are being clever in beating the system, for example by paying for one, but just constantly signing in their husband or wife, rather than paying for a couples membership. Others have tried to give their holiday home address as their full time residence etc. I know that the Golf Club suffer from the same problems, and they will not tolerate it, and neither will we. It should be remembered that we are a Club, and by trying to cheat the system and look for what they see as ‘best value’ for them, they are ultimately damaging the Club and costing the rest of the membership more. I do hope that those few will be honest and straightforward in this regard, and will not attempt to gain membership ‘on the cheap’. We have a positive ethos in our Club which has been developed over eighty years, and which I know most Members hold dear.

May I wish you all a happy and successful summer – we look forward to welcoming you at the Club whether as sailors, skiers or just socially. On a sunny day, there really is no better place for a well-earned drink than our balcony, is there? Keep watching the emails, Facebook and Twitter feeds for up to date information on Club events and activities.

My continued thanks to all our staff, our members of the Sailing, Waterski, House and Management Committees who work incredibly hard behind the scenes to keep things running and to make the Club a popular and successful place!

With all good wishes,

Stuart Robertson – Commodore RSWSC.