Clubhouse improvements and upgrades

Many of you will know that the club applied for, and was awarded a Sport England Grant to improve and upgrade the changing rooms, crew room, race box, and seasonal staff facilities. This was all set up to kick off in late February and scheduled to finish in time for the Easter race meetings. Regrettably some pesky virus intervened…

However, with government guidelines and regulations forcing the Club to close to members for an indeterminate period, the builders already engaged to carry out the work believed that they could start the work in early June, and finish it before July started. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

To give you a flavour of what’s going on:

The men’s changing room, showers, and toilets are all being improved significantly. Shower cubicles are being installed and one shower will be an electric unit so available all winter. Toilets and wash basins are being replaced including automatic sensor taps, plus movement sensitive LED lighting and a new epoxy resin floor. Of course, the following photos represent a work in progress, not the finished job…


The Ladies and disabled facilities are being generally updated and spruced up, including more automatic sensor taps, plus movement sensitive LED lighting. The crew room is being almost completely cleared out, the storage layout improved, more automatic lighting, and again an epoxy resin floor. Final crew room layouts are yet to be confirmed, subject to discussions with “stakeholders” (that’s sailors, skiers, and juniors to you and me).

The race box is being made good and watertight, and storage improved. The seasonal staff facilities on the top floor are benefiting from the addition of two shower cubicles (where previously a trip to the ground floor was needed), their own washing machine and tumble drier (by kind donation of a member), and their wet suit drying room given improved access and a tanked waterproof floor.

Finally the den fire escape window is being upgraded to meet current requirements.

More photos soon.


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