Camel Week Prize Winners

Camel Trophy Winner           Alice Woodings


Dinham Trophy           Olly Harris

Rush High Flyers        Olly Harris

Chisholm Cup             Olly Harris

Camel Silver Salver    Ed Chisholm

Gunn Cup                    Olly Harris



Eclipse Trophy            Rob Harris

Robertson Cup           Chris Creak

Richard Parker           Rob Harris

Francis Cup                Chris Creak

Red Buoy Cup            Phil Bevis-White

John Lees                   Chris Creak

Cibie Cup                    Chris Creak

St Minver Cup             Rod Offer

Shrimper average       John Murray



Camel Trophy             Alice Woodings

Brea Buoy Cup           Roger Deane

Porthilly Cup               Alice Woodings

Gentle Jane Cup         Rob Lloyd

Rock Trophy               Alice Woodings

Commodore’s Cup      Dan Johnson

Grand Master              Rob Jones

David Lester                Ben Harris

Firrel Trophy               Ben Harris

Robina Arthur              Alice Woodings

Gusty Trophy              Tom Offer

Scott Hopkins              Allen Bradley

Asymmetric Cup         Ian Yardley

Camel’s Hump            Simon Maddison

Camel’s Tail                Elliot Manley


Fastest boats recorded on the trackers

Shrimpers                  Rod Offer                    8.7 kph

Slow h/c Byte CII       Matthew Bambrook    10.8 kph

Fast h/c RS400           Cath Lloyd                   15.1 kph

Cat Hurricane 5.9       Mike Coulson              20.0 kph

Juniors Byte CII          David Nunn                 9.9 kph

Junior Fusions             Clare De Groot           10.5 kph

Individual race results on the Camel Week web page.
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