Camel Week 19 – revised race times

Owing to some excessively breezy air, today’s race is confirmed as cancelled.

The current race schedule for the rest of Camel Week is as follows:

Sunday 10th August H.W. 15.24/5.7m

14.15 Dunham Trophy + Rush High Flyers, Back to Back ( Cats )

14.20 Fast fleet Brea Buoy Cup + Porthilly Cup, Back to Back

14.20 Slow fleet (note, despite the briefing this now includes ALL Lasers irrespective of rig).

So to be clear, the Lasers are now not split into different fleets.

Monday 11th August H.W. 16.24/5.9m

15.30 Renovation Trophy ( Pursuit )

Tuesday 12th August H.W. 17.12/6.2m

16.15 Chisholm Cup (Cats )
16.20 Gentle Jane Cup

Wednesday 13th August H.W. 17.48/6.5m

16.45 Commodores Cup Pursuit

Thursday 14th August H.W. 18.24/6.8m

17.15 Camel Silver Salver ( Cats )
17.20 Rock Trophy