The end of the rainbow

You know what it is said you will find at the end of the rainbow? We looked. They’re wrong… On the other hand the Doom Bar is excellent.

January 26, 2019January 26, 2019by

Subscriptions discount period nearly over

Remember subscription forms and payments must be received by 31 January   to qualify for early bird discounts And if you want to be entered in this year’s Members Handbook Tick the box that says so!

January 25, 2019January 20, 2019by

Varcoes on safari talk

For those not yet signed up, don’t forget (see unforgettable elephant below). There are only a few places left. For those already signed up, I hope you noticed the date change? It will be on THURSDAY 17th January with bangers and mash first, 7 for 7.30.

January 8, 2019January 8, 2019by

Join the Varcoes on Safari

On Thursday 17th January there will be a bangers and mash supper followed by an illustrated talk by Jeremy and Ruth Varcoe on their Safari adventures. 7.00 for 7.30 p.m. £10 per head but numbers limited to 30 to make room for the elephants projection kit. Book early with Smudge

January 2, 2019January 2, 2019by

New Years Day Brunch

Now that the sound of sleigh bells is fast diminishing into the distance, be prepared for the next cultural item on the agenda. 11.30 to 2.00 p.m. on New Years Day. Be there or be hungry… Any volunteers to help with serving or clearing away would as ever be gratefully appreciated. In order that the...

December 30, 2018December 30, 2018by

Quay project – time is running out…

With only 11 days left to secure the Matched funding we are still only half way towards the totals we need. If we don’t raise pledges for £5000 from at least 40 supporters we will lose the grant and all pledges made will be returned to those who made them. To those who have supported...

December 20, 2018December 20, 2018by

Happy Christmas

Okay it’s a donkey not a camel, but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Rock Sailing and Water Ski Cub

December 16, 2018December 16, 2018by

Boats and bits for sale

For those in need of more propulsion, there are a couple of useful outboards for sale on the club website, one of which I understand makes a Shrimper go faster. Nothing else seems to sometimes… And a Falmouth Bass boat too!

December 9, 2018December 9, 2018by

Quay crowd funding project

The matched funding project to improve our Quay facilities is well under way. Those 17 who have already supported us have pledged £1185.  We need to increase that to £5000 for the matched funding to kick in, and we need at least 40 supporters. To support this just visit the crowdfunding page  soon and follow the...

December 9, 2018December 9, 2018by

CRUK Christmas Market

Yes it’s that time of year again. And it’s in a good cause. No brainer really (and a mince pie)…

November 24, 2018November 24, 2018by