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Covid-19 – an alternative view – 6

Firstly, at 3pm on a beautiful sunny Sunday two weeks before Easter. No people, no boats, no people sailing, no engines, no ferry or tripper boats, no planes in the sky – not even at 30,000feet, no noise except the wind, not even any waves at this point for there is no water. Nothing. Isolation...

March 31, 2020March 31, 2020by

Covid-19 – an alternative view – 5

Here is something you can (and should) practice behind closed doors. To placate those Luddites among us who like quizzes but don’t know their emojis from their elbows, this quiz is a little more age appropriate. RSWSC quiz PDF version  

March 30, 2020March 29, 2020by

Covid-19 – an alternative view – 4

Okay, enough fun. Now the hard work starts. Today’s quiz is Name That Film Title. If you don’t know what an emoji is, look away now and find something useful to do. I don’t expect a complete answer for a little while (or maybe a year or two) but as usual, the winner will achieve...

March 29, 2020March 28, 2020by

Covid-19 – an alternative view -2

For those missing their weekly yoga sessions, you could do worse than check this out.  And to rehash an old joke for the present time: Once upon a time there was an aeroplane with 5 passengers on board – Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, The Pope and a 10-year-old schoolboy.   The plane is...

March 27, 2020March 27, 2020by

Covid-19 – an alternative view

In an attempt to introduce a little light into our otherwise miserable existence (at the moment anyway), we will be publishing some of the better – and hopefully least offensive – humour presently abounding. Anyone wishing to submit an item for consideration (beware, all will be censored) and to gain the chance to win (drum...

March 26, 2020March 26, 2020by

A message from the Commodore to all our members

Thank you for your understanding of our decision to close RSWSC given the current situation. Whilst it was obvious that it was the right and only course of action, we had some difficult conversations with people who had booked functions at the Club, including a Wedding reception, but everyone we spoke to was most understanding,...

March 21, 2020March 21, 2020by

Coronavirus update

Further to our decision to close the Club Room, Bar, and Galley, this will now be extended to the whole club as our construction team will be starting this Monday. This involves an upgrade of the washroom facilities on the top floor, then moving on to a major upgrade of the mens’ changing rooms and...

March 20, 2020March 20, 2020by

Coronavirus and the sailing programme

Reluctantly we definitely have to curtail all planned sailing events for the next couple of months. This includes cancellation of the Easter Laser Open, Easter Chase and Shrimper Spring Fling.  We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and dependent upon developments, prevailing guidelines & directives, we will  adopt a positive and flexible approach for...

March 19, 2020March 19, 2020by

Coronavirus COVID-19: club update

In light of the recent Government advice on social distancing, it has been decided that the club has no recourse other than to close the Club Room, Bar, and Galley until further notice. This will be kept under review as Government policy evolves. The ground floor facilities will be available to members through the coded...

March 17, 2020March 17, 2020by


IMPORTANT: Coronavirus – New Guidance In accordance with the latest NHS Coronavirus guidance please do not visit the club if you have: (1) a new cough  OR  (2) a temperature over 37.7C.  Travel history and Coronavirus contact are no longer seen as relevant to restricting activities.  If you have either or both symptoms please use...

March 14, 2020March 14, 2020by

Things to think about…

Following the puzzling success of the first club jigsaw, it is proposed to produce yet another. Something to keep you occupied whilst self-isolating. To that end we are looking for interesting (and high resolution) photos which include the club. For those who haven’t seen it, this is the current version. Click the photo to email...

March 13, 2020March 13, 2020by

If – it’s too good not to share.

If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs, when jockeying for the gun. If you can trust your watch and trust your judgment As time ticks by – ten, six, four, three, two, one.   If you can sail to windward with your eyes shut Yet keep each foot of canvas...

February 12, 2020February 12, 2020by

Club 400 results for February

Look at it this way, the chances of winning are the same as winning the lottery – as long as you don’t buy a ticket for either… So buy one! Click the pic to email us.

February 10, 2020February 10, 2020by

Membership renewals – discount period about to expire

The annual membership renewals process started recently, and many have already committed for 2020 – thank you all.  If you haven’t renewed yet there are two things to note: Your smart new bright yellow membership card which entitles you to members’ prices at the bar and galley, will automatically renew when you renew your subscription....

January 29, 2020January 29, 2020by

Tony Bowden 3 March 1932 – 16 January 2020

Tony was the first Vice Commodore Water Ski created after the merger of the Rock Sailing, and Rock Ski Clubs in 1980. His obituary can be found here.   A service to celebrate Tony’s life is to be held at 2.30pm on Friday 7 February at St Minver Church

January 29, 2020January 29, 2020by

Burns Night festivities

Click the pic or call the club to book your places. “Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye.” Translates approximately to “sign up now or regret it forever”  

January 13, 2020January 13, 2020by

Membership renewals FAQs

The annual membership renewals process has just started, and many have already committed for 2020 – thank you to all of them.  Two things to note: Your smart new bright yellow membership card which entitles you to members’ prices at the bar and galley, will automatically renew when you renew your subscription. That’s another way...

January 8, 2020January 8, 2020by