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Commodore’s Newsletter May 2019

Commodore’s Newsletter – May 2019. As we approach the second May Bank Holiday weekend, I am pleased to report continued positivity in our Club. So far this year, we have seen a very good uptake in Members renewing their Membership as well as several new Members joining our Club. The introduction of the Membership Card...

May 18, 2019May 18, 2019by


This morning, Ken Fowler launched his RS Aero off Rock beach to sail round Gulland, Newland, and the Moules as part of his massive fund raising attempt in aid of Cancer Research to sail round all 183 islands off the coast of England and Wales. Check him out at

May 17, 2019May 17, 2019by

Picnic tables in use

This family from London visiting Rock for the very first time enjoying the new milk bottle top tables.

April 12, 2019April 12, 2019by

Membership Cards

If you don’t yet have your membership card, remember to ask for it at the bar the next time you visit the club. If you have collected it already then please remember to bring it every time you come, as member discounts are now operational. No card, no discount! And no, you can’t print out...

April 9, 2019April 9, 2019by

Quay improvements

The equivalent of over 160,000 plastic bags decorating the quay. Also spot the new bike racks in the background.

April 7, 2019April 7, 2019by

Race Officers and assistants for the 2019 season

Hi everyone. Once again thank you to all of you who volunteered to Race Officer (RO ) during last season. No doubt you will by now have seen the sailing programme for 2019. This year we are aiming to get the race calendar populated before the season’s RO requirements commences. For 2019 season the club...

March 25, 2019March 25, 2019by

Quay Improvements part 2

We have just ordered seven new picnic tables for the quay. They should be in place by Easter. Unlike the previous wooden ones, these will be made out of recycled plastic manufactured in the UK. No splinters; Long life; Resistant to oils, alkalis, acids and seawater; Maintenance-free; No upkeep costs; Made from high-quality upgraded recycled...

March 20, 2019March 20, 2019by