August Water Ski News

August Ski News 2018 – previous ski news on the club website here
Are you in Rock on Sunday 26th August?
If so come along to the Club’s Fly Navy Ski competitions.

 Make it a family afternoon /early evening. The Juniors will ski first and show the adults how it’s done! Bring some snacks, a drink, fleece and camera to the ski beach and cheer on your family members and friends.

All information is on the web page and Ski noticeboard in the Club Bar. Don’t worry if it looks a bit confusing – all is easily explained. It is basically a case of ‘skiing’ round a simple circuit in the shortest time.

Sign in 11.a.m. at the Club

Then meet at the Club later at 3.30 p.m. ready to go round to the Ski Beach

Juniors (Club members 15 years or under) only need to be able to complete a circuit on a pair, mono or wakeboard whichever they feel happiest on. They can have help putting them on and can ski behind the family boat or one can be provided together with a driver! Advice on the best way to drive the circuit will be given. The time allowances for every year younger than 15 tears makes it very competitive. The fastest skier doesn’t always win!

Adults combine to make a team where one skier goes on mono, the next on a pair or wakeboard and the last on trick skis (mono or pair or a flat-bottomed wakeboard with the fins taken off). This last discipline is the one that people find the most daunting but if you can ski it’s not as bad as it sounds – just a bit slippy! And the boat just has to go a bit slower! There are a pair of trick skis on the top rack. Why not have a try in preparation? Come along to register as a team, part of a team or as an individual. Each skier is allowed to be in two teams. One guest (non-member) is allowed to join each team.

There are good prizes for the fastest times and runners up – group and individual. The Fly Navy Cup Winner gets their team name on the ski on the wall in the Club Room and is presented with the Cup to hold for the Year. The Junior winner’s name goes on the board also in the Club Room and is presented with the Shield to keep for the year. Why not try and join the names already on them?

The competition is a friendly event with help/advice given anywhere needed. No-one is guaranteed to win although obviously the more often you take part the more familiar you become with the circuit. However, even the most practiced can have an off day! Even if you fall in you can carry on. Teams with someone who has fallen in have in the past even won the event!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Regarding general skiing as the numbers of boats increases just a reminder to check through the basic rules and regulations and be as aware as possible of other ski boats intended actions and keep eyes open for any fallen skiers. This is why having a competent crew is important to allow the driver to watch the water ahead.

Taking in the ski rope as soon as the skier has fallen is especially important to do when there are more boats around. Don’t forget to display this year’s ski numbers.

Also, a reminder that when towing inflatables, it comes under the heading ‘skiing’ and as such the only part of the estuary where it is allowed is in the ski area. The desired area for this within the ski area is shown on the ski area map. However, if taking small children from the ski beach please take care with boats taking off and returning skiers.

After six weeks of glorious weather it would be nice to think it could continue through August once these fronts have gone through. Certainly, boating weather if not quite the right winds for flat water! We will keep our fingers crossed for good conditions on the 26th August.


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