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May Ski News 2018

The start of a new ski season has arrived after some mainly pretty chilly conditions but isolated patches of glassy water over the winter. Winter wet suits are still preferable until the sea temperature warms up a little, but the air temperature is on the increase even though we haven’t had the high temperatures of elsewhere unfortunately due to the heavy mist often covering the estuary. Looks like we may be getting our turn soon!

Remember ski numbers can be picked up from the Club Bar and they are included in your membership fee. After adding a reminder to complete the form fully at the bottom by the signature there are still quite a few of you forgetting to delete a statement.  This you will have to do to make the form valid and obtain your numbers. We will have another look at the form for next year to see how we can make this clearer?!

The Ski numbers come with a copy of the Ski Area rules and regulations including a map. Please take time to look through these especially if you are a new member but also even if you have been skiing in the area for many years it doesn’t do any harm to refresh your memory.  The rules and regulations have been put in place for everyone’s safety.

The number of drivers having taken the SBD2 has increased substantially and has now become a necessary progression for all those reaching independent boat driving age – 16. This is also the minimum age for driving for a skier in the estuary once the qualification has been obtained.

To be a crew in a boat towing a skier there is no apparent age limit however we would advise that there is someone in the boat who could take the controls should anything happen to the driver. If a junior is used as the only crew they should be able to do this for safety reasons. The age at which they could achieve this depends greatly on their familiarity with boats. RYA powerboat 1 can be undertaken by children aged 8 and RYA powerboat 2 by 12-year olds. However, boats chosen for obtaining these qualifications are suitably sized and powered. For those wanting their children to gain experience from an early age this is perhaps a way to go.   We would suggest any driving practice is done outside the ski area and in a suitably sized and powered boat with a responsible adult.

Many of you may have seen the new map of the estuary on the slipway wall showing the ski area and new speed limit zones which are clearly marked and will be checked on by the Harbour Master’s boat. So please make sure you familiarise yourself with them. NOTE: the reference to approaching the ski rafts with a skier from the seaward end with take-off upriver applies to the two rafts on the other side of the estuary at Tregonce and Old Town Cove. The raft at Cant should be approached with a skier from upriver and take off is from the seaward end to keep to the anti-clockwise circuits. (if unsure look at the arrows on the ski area map)

We have some new additions to the equipment in the Crew Room which should suitably supplement your own equipment to introduce new skills or for use with visiting friends. All we ask is for you to sign the equipment out and back in and treat it with care. However, there is wear and tear and the unexpected so should any damage or loss occur please report it to the office or bar straight away. Always check the screws on wakeboard bindings and fins before using to avoid loss or an accident.

For the moment we have been asked by the Harbour Master not to use the air chair so although it is still in the crew room we ask for you not to take it out until further notice. Also, if anyone has a wakeboard with a hydrofoil we ask you not to use it in the ski area until the matter has been sorted out. Thank you.

Hopefully we will have great ski conditions over the Spring Bank Holiday. We look forward to seeing everyone back out on the water and hope for a safe and enjoyable summer season. Don’t forget to put August 26th on your calendar – the Fly Navy adult and junior ski competitions.


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