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July Ski News 2018

What a glorious end to June! The water has been sparkling, the skies blue and the sun shining, bringing continental temperatures.

Surprisingly, the estuary doesn’t seem to have been that busy this month and those of us lucky enough to be able to venture out have managed to get plenty of wash free and at the right times, calm water.

As such there is very little to report except that the loan equipment has been checked and all should be in good working order with for the high season ahead.

We have a brand new deep V line (to replace the one that went missing) which is especially helpful for learning deep waters on mono. We are lucky to have such a good selection of ski equipment and with a few extra donated items including another adult wakeboard the racking is full to capacity. The advanced kneeboard is now at the side of the wakeboard rack and the basic kneeboard by the child’s horseshoe. This makes room for the extra wakeboard on the rack. You will notice that some of the wakeboard bindings have been updated and should fit better than before.

It is a tight fit but we would appreciate if the equipment borrowed is replaced carefully by its matching number on the racking. This not only makes it easier for other people to find but is also considerate to the other people using the crew room.  If children take back the equipment they may not be able to fit it back in place so we would appreciate an adult having a quick check afterwards. Thank you.

Regarding the air chair, there is now an instruction card hanging by its side. If you are a first time user and are unable to find someone to give helpful advice this will provide an alternative. The initial speed is much slower than skiing and the state of tide advice is for safety as the hydrofoil needs deep water.

No doubt the next couple of months will bring an increase of estuary users. Let’s hope this beautiful weather continues!


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